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Our Team

Caitlin Wyrick

Executive Director 

As a native to Loveland, Colorado I love dedicating my time to dedicating my time and supporting my community. Bringing awareness to different cultures and diversities by educating and engaging my community is my passion. I currently serve on a city board, the Executive Director of Heart and Sol, the community improvement Task Force, and I volunteer my time to  multiple other non-profit organizations.

Robert Aayala

Assistant Director

I am originally from south Texas and have lived in the Southwest, the Midwest, and now northern Colorado. I am an alumnus of Trinity University, The Ohio State University, and the University of North Texas and have been active in the fine arts all my life. I’ve worked professionally in bookstores and libraries and have been a librarian since 2009, with positions at the San Antonio Public Library, Converse Public Library, and the Loveland Public Library.My dedication to diversity is a regular part of my daily work at the library. We are open to all visitors of different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and other diverse communities. I am always looking for opportunities to celebrate diversity, advocate for marginalized groups, and help our brothers and sisters live a rich life of opportunity, fairness, and justice. Heart and Sol is an organization passionately dedicated to these core values and I’m honored to be a member.

Celina Foot


As a native Texan, who grew up in a border town, became a mother in Oregon, found her career in Iowa and loves living in Colorado, everything I do is for my family. Having experienced so many differences in the makeup of the people at the many cities I’ve lived in, I somewhat stumbled into my passion for diversity and inclusion. Once I opened my heart to it, there was no turning back and have one way or another found my way into organizations with this as a focus. I want to continue work towards a better tomorrow where we celebrate the differences that we bring to the table but we also embrace the similarities. I imagine a future where we look forward to getting to know others instead of judging them before having the chance to. I’ll always try my hardest so that my daughter doesn’t have to imagine this future but that it may one day be her reality...

Jessie Caggiano

Marketing Officer

My name is Jessie Caggiano. I am a school social worker by day and a community advocate by night. I love living in Loveland and the opportunities to participate in advocating to better my communit